Aussie festival defaults on paying its artists

Aussie festival defaults on paying its artists


norman lebrecht

September 23, 2016

Numerous international artists have not been paid five months after appearing at Brisbane Baroque – according to Limelight magazine and confirmed to us by several artists.

The bilked artists include: Mahan Esfahani, Vivica Genaux, Brett Weymark, Erin Helyard, Ulrike Schneider, Carlo Vistoli, Russell Harcourt, Joao Fernandes, Owen Willetts, Keri Fuge, Kiandra Howarth, Morgan Balfour, Nicholas Tolputt, Brenton Spiteri, David Greco, Kristian Winther and Ioana Tache. No money has been seen either by any of  the ensembles including Latitude 37, Orava Quartet, Camerata of St. John’s, and Queensland Symphony Orchestra.

Brisbane Baroque is still trading, apparently. The artists are the one who are going broke.




  • Assimilate This says:

    Looks like the festival’s bank account is dryer than a dead dingo’s donger.

  • Marg says:

    It is quite appalling. The Festival was very well attended and houses full. No one is able to get to the bottom of the nonpayment problem. Time for legal action. I feel for the many musicians I know who didn’t get paid and gave up two weeks to rehearse and perform at events throughout the festival.