Are you voting Tristan or Mirga?

While Clinton and Trump face each other down in a TV debate, the Met will be opening with Tristan und Isolde and Mirga Grazinyte-Tyla will be making her New York debut with the Juilliard Orchestra at Alice Tully Hall.

We’re wondering which will get more of your votes…


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  • Poor Met can’t win for trying. The Tristan I’m sure scheduled years in advance now is in competition with the biggest political debate in American history.

    They should have realized it was opening night for the Met, and picked another debate date-or the Met realizing it, should have switched to Elektra and started early-even 5 PM curtain won’t help with Tristan

  • I suspect a lot of opera fans are approaching this night with a certain dread. No matter how well Clinton does in the debate, and no matter how much Trump is exposed as the fraud and bigot that he is, it won’t matter to his supporters.

    That said, if the Met was a nimbler institution, they could have revived the Peter Sellars “Figaro” production set in Trump Tower.

      • Hi Norman, I’ll be listening to the Tristan web stream, though probably with the debate on mute.

        There’ll be other opportunities to see Tristan in person this season if I’m tempted. I believe Mirga’s been sold out for a while now, so that’s not an option.

    • It was certainly my hope that Mr. Lebrecht’s site would not be polluted by American politics-which is why I just bemoaned the conflict. Apparently Brian couldn’t resist the temptation.

      I’ll listen to as much of the Tristan as I can, but. being an historical animal will turn to the debate-maybe only part of Tristan-too close would be too jarring.

      Let’s leave it that many of us who are not deplorable, irredeemable, or racist have mortal issues with the Clinton gang. Perhaps we can agree that a country of 320 million, sadly, could not come up with better candidates-but again many of my friends do not vote, and are amused that we think it matters-they’ll be enjoying the music

      • for someone who bemoans the “polluting” of this blog with politics, you certainly know how to pollute it with the repetition of lies, more lies, and yet more lies. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Hillary Clinton. There’s nothing wrong with the Democratic establishment. They have worked hard for the country, they have tenaciously dragged it out of the hole that the previous Republican tenure dug for the American people.

        Oh, and I absolutely LOATHE Tristan. Almost as much as Trump and his bunch of liars.

        • Note my first comment had nothing about politics in it-one response and done

          Apparently you can’t restrain yourself-and so naive-but expected from someone who LOATHES Tristan–thanks for letting us know, and shouting too-I don’t even loathe music I, well…..dislike

  • Which New Yorker in his right mind would not immediately dispose of his Tristan tickets on hearing that a student orchestra was simultaneously playing a programme of standard repertoire (soloist T.B.A.) AND the obligatory Baltic modern teaser?

    • Well it’s New York, the world capital of Emperor’s new hot air. World capital of fiat money, comes with it a bigger than usual proportion of fiat culture apparently.

  • I listened to Tristan. Thought Nina’s voice sounded like mush. Enjoyed Stuart Skelton. Taped the debate as any normal, rationale person would do even if one were in the basket of deplorables

  • LOL-any normal, rational person would have skipped the debate entirely-taping it? watching it live was one thing

    Strange opera to open a season (checked- only 2x before in the Met history-both from the early Wagner craze era) So beautiful here, that I listened to sections of it riding through the countryside, but being drawn into that world thankfully clashed with the sun. Orchestra sounded great, probably too “rational” for me. Nina’s voice like mush-hmm, people elsewhere used the same term-I didn’t hear enough. Skelton every time I heard him sounded flat-hope he was better in the last act. Pape sounded as great as when I heard him in the role 16 yrs. ago, and an extra bonus he sings in German.

    I was rescued from the last act by history-still amazed by the music of 150 yrs. ago, and its disturbing power.

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