Watch: Opera house opens all-gender toilets

Watch: Opera house opens all-gender toilets


norman lebrecht

August 24, 2016

Michael Petrelis, the veteran campaigner, has news that the home of San Francisco Opera will instal new gender-neutral water closets news month.

He publishes a note from Elizabeth Murray, managing director of the San Francisco War Memorial Performing Arts Center buildings and a video extract of the board meeting:

Thank you for your inquiry. The War Memorial will be implementing the Board of Supervisors’ ordinance regarding all-gender toilet facilities at the Performing Arts Center. 

In accordance with the ordinance we will be re-designating single-user toilet facilities as all-gender facilities by September 23, 2016.

We will then be re-designating certain multiple-user toilet facilities as all-gender facilities by November 23, 2016. We are currently in the planning stage so I cannot yet advise you on specific restroom re-designations.

Upon completion of this process I will be happy to let you know our plans.



  • John Borstlap says:

    The photograph aptly depicts the warring opinions surrounding gender-sensitive subjects.

    In most private homes in the West, however, gender-neutral facilities have been introduced quietly and unprovocatively, out of sight of gender-specific minorities. (I begin to realize that in my own house, the subject has been unjustly neglected.)

  • Brian B says:

    I’d do the eyeroll at this point but opera houses and concert halls can always use more toilets so the net effect is a plus.

  • Marg says:

    Does this mean women attending the Met won’t have to queue out the door any longer while watching men come and go freely to their restrooms?