Orchestra claims highest number of married couples

Orchestra claims highest number of married couples


norman lebrecht

August 19, 2016

The Boston Symphony is claiming a world record for 17 married couples taking part in this weekend’s Tanglewood performance of Aida.

Six of the couples are players in the orchestra, eight are in the Tanglewood chorus. An associate concertmaster has engaged his freelance wife.

Violeta Urmana, who sings Amneris, is married to tenor, Alfredo Nigro.

And the whole enterprise is topped by Mr & Mrs Maestro – music director Andris Nelsons, whose wife Kristine Opolais sings the title role.

opolais nelsons wedding

Beat that, anyone?


  • Martin van de Merwe says:

    In the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra alone we have 10 playing couples;
    and I even don’t mention the playing divorced ones 🙂

  • Philip Johnson says:

    I don’t believe the BSO claimed it as a world record in anything I read. Following story only says “most wedded pairs to perform together in the orchestra’s 134-year history”.

  • Richard Strauch says:

    The Spokane Symphony has eight. (General Manager and Personnel Manager are also married, which makes us a mom-and-pop company, right?) No idea how many choristers are married to each other, though. Probably a lot…

  • Sue says:

    Would that be jobs for the, er, girls at all? Same for Ms. Kozena.

  • Henning Malsnes says:

    The Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra has nineteen playing couples and one mixed couple (oboe and archive).