Daniel Barenboim calls on South America to take more refugees

Daniel Barenboim calls on South America to take more refugees


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August 02, 2016

In a public conversation in Buenos Aires with the former Spanish prime minister Felipe Gonzalez, the conductor said Latin American governments needed to show more initiative in the present crisis.

He was grateful to Argentina for welcoming his own parents, who came from Russian refugee families, and urged the country to rise to the hour of need. This, he said, is ‘the only country where it seems completely logical to have multiple identities.’

Barenboim is presently in BA with his West-East Diwan Orchestra and fellow-first gen Argentine, Martha Argerich.


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  • Matti says:

    South America welcomed thousands of Nazis after WW2 and in more recent times the Honecker couple after the collapse of East Germany.

    Soon they will be welcoming Angela Merkel too 😀

    • David Osborne says:

      Because the last thing the world needs is a courageous leader determined to do the right thing regardless of whether it’s popular or not.

      • Matti says:

        For sure the world needs Merkel, as much as it needs the Pope and other douchebags who with their silly and unsensitive comments make European right parties grow bigger and bigger so this madness can come to an end. But since we talk about needs – do the Germans “need” four terrorist attacks in one week – with more to come? Thought so. But of course, if you consider it an act of samarianity to put the safety of the people you’ve been elected to serve at risk, feel free to do so 😀

  • MacroV says:

    Argentina also accepted thousands of Slovenian refugees after the Second World War. People who escaped Tito’s Partizans and fortunately managed to avoid repatriation by the British.

  • Jacques Schied says:

    “Refugees”, in the EU that means 80 percent male aged 18-32 from muslim Middle East or Black subsaharan Africa. Greetings from R. Coudenhove-Kalergi and A. Murkle.

    • Jeff says:

      … because your prospects as a male 12 to 32y old man in black subsaharan Africa are of being forcefully recruited into a militia or army. How does fleeing that misery by crossing in Ceuta not make you a refugee? Europe has exploited Africa economically for a good two centuries, we can’t expect to now turn our backs to this continent and hope it will sort itself out without dealing with the dire consequences of our colonial and neo-colonial mingling. The refugee crisis is more complex than your simplistic, bitter remark. Now how many Europeans fled during the two world wars? And how was the gender and age balance then? Look up your stats please!

      • Ram Singh says:

        You are evidently consumed with guilt, and as a consequence you must hate your own whiteness. Condolences.

  • Mick says:

    What exactly crisis is he talking about? If things go on they way they have been going thus far, soon a lot of people from the West will have to seek refuge in other parts of the world, thanks to impotent politicians and left intellectuals wholly out of touch with reality. But I guess Mr. Barenboim is busy as always with his Arab friends, so dear to his big heart and languishing under the yoke of the Zionist “occupation”. So much for artists meddling in politics, not that “professional” politicians are that much better though.

    • MacroV says:

      Is there a problem with Mr. Barenboim having friends who are Arabs?

      • Mick says:

        Problem is he seems to prioritize them over all others including the country that had sheltered him as a 10 year old boy and gave him his basic education. Why he needs to ingratiate himself with the arabs is beyond me.

  • Ivan Martinez says:

    *Former President Felipe González