Mercedes conductor beats his orchestra to the bend

We reported yesterday that Libor Pesek has cancelled a UK tour while he recovers from a car accident.

Not a Mercedes, obviously.

Libor knows how to drive those things.

Watch this ad to the end. Full of Libor wit and surprises.

libor pesek in his merc

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    • It’s a symbol of masculine control and focussed strength. You wouldn’t see a conductor in a shampoo commercial, not even Dudamel.

  • Carlos Kleiber once accepted a custom-built Audi A8 in lieu of a fee for taking a Bavarian orchestra to play at the Audi factory. The maestro loved fast cars and 2 days before he died he sent a fax to Audi to thank them for their service and looking after him!! This was one of his farewells before he drove by himself across the Alps to Slovenia to die (it’s a bizarre story).

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