Maestro is attacked by shark in Hong Kong

The German pianist and conductor Justus Frantz had a lucky escape after a shark bit his leg as he was swimming in waters off Hong Kong.

He spent several days in hospital with severe lacerations. Justus says he got off lightly. The shark was a small one.

He ‘s back conducting this week at German festivals.


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  • Dreadful! But I wonder where he was swimming. Hong Kong has designated beaches all with shark nets. There are also advisory notices about not swimming outside these areas. Shark attacks are not common in Hong Kong but there have been occasional attacks by rogue sharks every few years.

    • They are like people.

      Frantz has experienced for real what often is perpetrated figuratively by music critics. Notorious shark ponds: London, New York, Talahassee.

    • – “But I wonder where he was swimming.”
      In a German TV interview he stated that he had been swimming in a bay not far from but outside of Hong Kong.

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