Luxury sub: Nina Stemme saves Verbier

Anja Kampe, Kirill Petrenko’s (former) partner (pic), has pulled out of Verbier ‘for family reasons’.

That’s a blow.

Until the great Swede comes off the bench to take on the August 4 Wagner concert.



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  • Why do you keep referring through women through their partners? What does the fact that she is Petrenko’s partner have to do with the case? Can’t women be worthy of attention on this blog for their own merits?

    For someone who purports to be a critic of sexism in classical music, can’t you see that such practice only perpetuates sexism? The implications are that women are first and foremost wives, partners, before anything else. I can’t see you referring on a regular basis to Petrenko as ‘Anja Kampe’s partner,’ or Andris Nelsons as ‘Kristine Opolais’ husband,’ or Rattle as ‘Kozena’s husband,’ etc. Let women be presented on their own merits, rather than imply that they exist only through their partners.

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