Just in: Salzburg Festival president ‘will stay for 100 years’

Just in: Salzburg Festival president ‘will stay for 100 years’


norman lebrecht

July 22, 2016

Helga Rabl-Stadler, president of the Salzburg Festival since 1995, has applied for another term and says she’s good for a century.

Helga, who is 68, steadied the ship after the turbulent Mortier era.

Her family run Austria’s media. Her father was long-serving intendant of the national broadcaster ORF. Her husband was editor of the mass daily Kurier. When Helga runs for renewal in Salzburg she will probably do so unopposed.

helga rabl-stadler


  • Max Grimm says:

    Norman, ‘Bewerbung/bewerben’ = ‘application/to apply’ in English.
    Helga Rabl-Stadler wasn’t “voted in for another term”, she announced her intention of reapplying for the presidency, when the position is re-advertised and the selection process begins up this fall.
    From the linked article:
    “Mit dieser Kundmachung ihrer Wiederbewerbung dürfte die für Herbst geplante Ausschreibung der Präsidentschaft eine Formsache geworden sein.”

    • erich says:

      As if anyone really believed that she won’t get the job! The whole thing is a typically dishonest Austrian smokescreen. The regional Governor Haslauer – ÖVP, surprise, surprise also Helga’s party affiliation – was quoted several months ago saying he wanted her to stay. The governing board (Kuratorium) is headed by one of Haslauer’s cronies. Pity the poor idiots who apply (it will be interesting to see who), knowing they in all probability stand zero chance. The only winners are the headhunters, who will be paid Austrian taxpayers money for a sham process.