Happy news: Heartbroken star gets his Stradivarius back

In February 2015, Frank-Peter Zimmermann surrendered his 1711 Lady Inchiquin Stradivarius to a finance company, Portigon, that was under orders to sell it for the highest price. The German virtuoso had played the instrument on loan for 12 years and was devastated to lose it.

He struggled on with a loan instrument but the pain never went away.

Today, the Government of  North Rhine-Westphalia arranged for the Lady Inchiquin aranged for it to be repurchased for him to play.

That’s enlightened government for you.

frank peter zimmermann

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  • Wonderful news.

    As a friend of mine said once about his >300-year-old cello: “It’s not as if it’s a person. You can replace a person.” 🙂

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