Video just in: Meatloaf collapses in mid-concert

The American rock singer Meatloaf collapsed a few hours ago during a concert in Edmonton, Canada.

A member of the audience posted video of the distressing event.

Emergency services were called.

Watch video here.

meatloaf collapse

Meatloaf, 68, is one of the top-selling rock artists.

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  • Did Meatloaf merely have a moment of self-awareness about the name, “Meatloaf” and it’s truly banal overtones? A 68 year old meatloaf is a pretty daunting object. Perhaps he’ll be revived and can re-enter the pantheon under a new moniker, “Cooked Goose”.

  • He’s singing, “I would do anything for love,” then collapses. The next line, which he never gets to: “But I won’t do that.”
    Always the showman.

  • A performer collapses on stage and is rushed to hospital. Fortunately his condition now appears to be stable, but this was not known when the two previous replies were posted. I find it immensely sad that people have so little empathy or fellow feeling that in such circumstances they think it clever or appropriate to make snide and insensitive remarks of this kind.

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