Association of British Orchestras rings the Brexit bell

press statement:

Following the Referendum decision to leave the EU, the ABO is deeply concerned at the potential impact on its members.


The prospects for the nation’s public finances are worrying, and may affect the implementation of Orchestra Tax Relief, which has not as yet received Royal Assent, and lead to further reductions in public funding for the arts and local authorities.

We will need the new leadership of this country to give us guarantees as to continued freedom of movement across Europe’s borders for our orchestras, artists and orchestral musicians, and whether the many pan-European regulations that currently affect our sector, from VAT Cultural Exemption to harmonisation of radio spectrum, Noise at Work to the Digital Single Market, will still apply.

The worst outcome for our members will be additional uncertainty, bureaucracy and expense, allied to a worsening of their financial viability. The ABO’s next step is to work with whichever Ministers take responsibility from here on, to ensure the best possible outcome for our members.

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Well, that’s encouraging.

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  • European Union Youth Orchestra is also in a pickle – how can it continue as an essentially British organisation – based in Great Britain, staffed by British – after Brexit?

  • “The worst outcome for our members will be additional uncertainty, bureaucracy [sic] and expense…”

    “…additional bureaucracy…”by leaving the EU? Are you serious?

    • Of course. There is too much bureaucracy in the EU, but it’s still far less than most people who just listen to populists but don’t inform themselves about facts seem to think.
      In reality, the EU means *less paperwork* especially for individuals who are able to travel, live and work anywhere freely, and also to organizations like orchestras – before, UK orchestras could just go on a tour to Europe by hopping on the bus or plane, without any paperwork and visa hassle for their members. It may not be that easy in the future.
      But you obviously didn’t even think that far, did you?

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