Video: Andrea Bocelli sings for Leicester City fans


bocelli ranieri

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  • I watched this and felt utterly elated at the meritocratic celebrations of Leicester City, who showed that the objectivity of sport is wonderfully and even beautifully concrete. If you score more goals than the other, you win. Money, PR, stadium size, name recognition, history… none of it matters, if you can fulfill the objective requirements of winning more than your competitors over the course of a season.

    Bocelli, on the other hand, burst my elation and reduced me to a irritated, mumbling, ranting, cushion-punching, depressed wreck, as my ears endured the total dismantlement of objective standards in art. How on earth have we come to a point at which PR alone can mask, and even justify, someone’s self-evident disqualification for the task at hand? In footballing terms, Bocelli is non-league, yet there he is, the go-to “artist” for all big public occasions, squeezing and stabbing his tortured way through Puccini and getting paid MASSIVE amounts of money to do so on a regular basis.

    And no, I’m not a snob, any more than the passionate football fan who can discern that Jamie Vardy has lethal pace in attack is a snob, or any more than the manager who would fire a player not up to the task he was being paid huge sums to perform is a snob.

    • Bocelli does what is required of him , nothing more nothing less.
      The mob attending could have cared even less , a cow farting would
      have satisfied their musical taste.You don’t think the BBC presenter
      was going to say the world’s worst ,he is paid to mouth words that
      suit the occasion.This ,the watching of grown men chasing a ball about a field, a children’s pastime turned into big business , seems to attract a majority of people
      who live through the success of others no matter how base. .
      Bocelli is used to give it in their eyes “class “.

  • My understanding, is the Bocelli is a friend of the Leicester manager (Ranieri) and did it for free.

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