UK trumpet wins Prague Spring

UK trumpet wins Prague Spring


norman lebrecht

May 17, 2016

A South Korean pianist, Park Jinhyung, and a British trumpeter, Huw Morgan, were winners of the two instrument contests at the 68th Prague Spring festival.

Huw, 28, is principal trumpet of Sinfonieorchester Basel.

huw morgan


  • someone says:

    Many, many congratulations to those talented young musicians !

    Thank you for the great news !
    Though I already knew about it, it’s good to see it here again.

    I watched the live streaming of Park’s performance, but haven’t seen the trumpet yet.
    Park’s final performance was the only one I watched and it was just purely by chance.
    It was good and the audience’s reaction was enthusiastic, so I wasn’t surprised when I heard the results.
    But I was so surprised when I heard that at this year’s Prague piano competition, first, second and third prizes all went to Koreans.
    ( Second was shared with a Czech contestant and I think there’ll be another piece of good news for the Czech Republic from somewhere soon. )

    The piano winners are here :

    The trumpet winners are here :

    This year’s Prague Spring Festival was opened by another Korean artist, last year’s Chopin winner Seong-Jin Cho.
    Apparently, Seong-Jin gave an amazing and fantastic recital of Mozart, Schubert and Chopin (including another Schubert piece, Liszt and Bach for encores) and the Prague audience competely went wild with excitement.

    If anyone is intersted in it, take a look at the reviews in Czech.
    If you are not good at Czech, you can use Google Translate any time.

    As one of the critics said at the end of his review, it seems that it really was the excellent start of this year’s Prague Spring Festival and the International Prague Piano Competition.

    google translation into English :

    google translation into English :

    So many talented people in such a small country but the government is doing almost nothing good.

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    strange… I’ve just posted a comment but it doesn’t appear.

    • someone says:

      Now I can see the comment.
      Maybe it’s because there was a typing error when I put the email address or maybe because I put so many links?
      I don’t know.
      Anyway, I think it’d be better if the second and third (this one) comments are deleted, If you don’t mind.

      Many thanks!