London’s £18 artists-only hotel is open at last

A 22-room boutique hotel in north London, charging £18 ($29) a night for artists, has opened its doors to guests.

Green Rooms received special funding from the Mayo of London.

Book here, or send email to


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    • And who egged you on to make that yolk? It will take awhile to ketchup with you…but I relish the opportunity.

    • Ha. I was thinking “I didn’t know London had a Mayo Clinic? Why would they be funding a hotel for artists?” “Typo” is a much simpler explanation.

      BTW, for anyone west of the Mississippi (or east of the Atlantic): Hellmann’s is a popular brand of mayonnaise in the eastern half of the US. That’s why this is funny.

  • Fabulous!
    Have a look at the photos of the inside of the hotel.

    London’s first ‘hotel for artists’ opens its doors

    Inside Green Rooms, London’s newest hotel for the arts

    How new arts hotel Green Rooms is shaking up Wood Green

    Green Rooms’s homepage

  • Great news. London accomodation is terrible unless you pay at least double what you would pay for a similar room in Berlin or Vienna.

    • Even in Nice, I think I can find quite OK ones, paying much less than in London.
      Well, I don’t know how the prices are now, but I was able to find, before.

      Paris and Rome were heavens in comparison to London.
      My French friend then said that Paris prices were nearly half than in London.
      Not half, but I think 60-70%?

      Even Scandinavian people said that accomodation and London prices were too expensive.

      I was quite frustrated when I went to Milan.
      Usually, things are much cheaper in Italy, but in Milan, it seemed that everything was 150% of Rome’s.
      Some things were quite similar to London, but others were still cheaper.

  • The thoughts of sleeping 16 strange people to a dormitory … luckily I can stay with friends for five nights at a time. And no mayo involved either!!!

  • For anybody looking for rather cheap but excellent accomodation in Berlin: Hotel Sachsenhof in the Motzstrasse. Close to the tube station and a quiet, decent room for 60 – 70 EU a night.

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