Nathan Milstein …. and a bare bottom

Talk of barrel-scraping…

The almost aptly-named Ur-anus Records has reissued a set of Milstein recordings with a shameless cover.


urania records

Urania (sic) Records are an Italian label, based in Merone.


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  • It’s actually a profoundly beautiful photograph – highlighting elegance of propotion and line, just like the music. You sniggering schoolboys need to grow up.

  • I hope these CDs are manufactured to the highest quality. It would be a pity if there were any cracks in them…

  • Norman: Shameless? Really? Do you have a problem with womens’ bodies?
    And your weak and smarmy joke trying to make “Urania” into “Ur-anus” is on a ten-year-old’s level. I see no anuses on display in this photo.
    Urania is a record label which has been around since LP days (I know: I possess a few of their vinyls). They cater to historical recording collectors.

  • Its a poor photograph meant to titillate the” naughty” middle class minds into
    making what they consider clever observations .

  • …and/or to elicit putatively sage and “above-that-sort-of-thing” comments upon those comments.

  • There’s a pretty big dollop of ignorance running through all this. It’s evident at the start, where NL writes of “Urania (sic) Records”. Why the ‘sic’? Urania is the Latin form of the Greek ‘Ourania’, one of the Greek muses of dance, music, and song. In that context, she was deemed the goddess of astronomy. From that Greek origin was taken the Latin name for the planet, Uranus. There is no need for any ‘sic’ anywhere here. The ‘Ur-anus’ is staggeringly gratuitous in its vulgarity and as witty as a lead balloon that’s been dropped on you.

    I’m holding no brief for the cover, but if one knows enough to make the connection with the muse and goddess Urania (the name of the label), it makes considerably more sense than NL’s “sic” and Ur-anus, which serve only to point up the fact that we have a ubiquitous music critic/author who doesn’t even know the nine Greek muses.

    • Then why don’t you just threaten to sue them for disagreeing with you, Steven?

      That would be your usual infantile kind of behaviour, wouldn’t it???

      I see your manners and pomposity are no better with others than with me. What’s your problem???

      [[[ The ‘Ur-anus’ is staggeringly gratuitous in its vulgarity and as witty as a lead balloon that’s been dropped on you. ]]]

      You just luuuuuuuurve the sound of your unfunny, unintelligent voice, don’t you?????????

  • If the music inside were naked-woman-themed, it would be an appropriate cover. As it is, it’s a cheap non sequitur. A photo of a naked Nathan Milstein would at least be related to the contents.

    Give up the naked woman/violin associations. That is the oldest photographic cliche around.

  • There’s another bare back picture of lady at the piano on CD of Maria Yudina recordings of Haydn and Mozart sonatas. It’ll be insult for this great pianist that usually dressed like nun.
    O temporos, o mores!

  • I do rather think, Eddie, that Emil’s “barrel-scraping” was aimed at NL’s hilarious joke recycled from a post re an Australian music school, as I recall. And it shouldn’t need pointing out that alerts to possibly unintentional puns is integral to the matter of making puns. William’s observation was sharp, his comment appreciated. I still think, as I did earlier on in my acquaintance with your comments, that you are strangely deaf when it comes to verbal language, but I do now incline to the idea that you have an obsessive need to be thought always in the right, and, like some backcountry residents of the Appalachians, relish a good vendatta long after you’ve forgotten what whatever it was started you off.

  • I am with Steven Holloway all the way.

    And what do constipated Christian/Jewish prudes have to say about the Brilliant Classic CD of Mozart’s “La Finta Semplice” (Leopold Hager conducting, with a superb cast and the Mozarteum-Orchester of Salzburg) showing a lascivious “Odalisque brune” by Francois Boucher (Louvre Museum), much more provoking than the chaste violin-nude discussed here.

    And what have the same constipated Christian/Jewish prudes have to say about the Opera D’Ora CD of Mozart’s “Zaide” (Alfons Richner conducting with the incomparable Fritz Wunderlich in Stuttgart 1956), showing the beautiful Odalisque of Ingres (again, Louvre).

    And how do the same Christian/Jewish prudes react to the great nudes decorating the covers of Beethoven’s “Fidelio” (Karl Böhm, with a world-class crew), or Mozart’s “Cosi Fan Tutte” (again Karl Böhm, with Janowitz and Fassbaender)?

    The ancient Greeks were the pioneers/models of Western art, and had no feelings of shame or guilt about nudity, of male or female. It is wonderful and healthy that their influence has not yet been swept away by the religions of the Middle East, even if pundits feel obliged to pay lip service to the p.c.-regimented psychology of the masses.

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