Death of an English Kodaly expert

Death of an English Kodaly expert


norman lebrecht

April 11, 2016

The death has been announced of Cynthia Jolly, a member of Zoltan Kodaly’s study circle in Hungary and a part-time soprano singer. She was 94.

The Telegraph reports that she enjoyed a long relationship with the Dutch conductor Maurits Sillem.


cynthia jolly



  • Eddie Mars says:

    A renowned soprano in her time, and a great vocal teacher who produced many successful pupils.


    • Eddie Mars says:

      I was always amused by something I heard her say once at a masterclass: “In the final category, you are supposed to perform music by a contemporary composer. This doesn’t just mean that they are still alive – it is supposed to be contemporary music. What I mean is (waving her finger at participants)… NO QUILTER!”


  • Liz Di Nucci says:

    A wonderful teacher/mentor/great friend. Deeply missed and loved. I still refer back to her teaching when she started me on my singing journey when I was 15 (1980)