Breaking: Netrebko to sing her first Norma

Anna Netrebko will appear for the first time as Bellini’s Norma to open Covent Garden’s 2016-17 season.

The new production, directed by the Catalan theatre group La Fura dels Baus, will feature the Maltese tenor Joseph Calleja making his role debut as Pollione, and the Italian mezzo Sonia Ganassi as Adalgisa.


netrebko norma

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  • Annoying. You would think that by 2016-17 the major opera companies would have learned that Adalgisa is the lighter, brighter role.

    Memo to ROH: Norma is not verismo. See Biondi/Minasi, now a decade old. Cast and perform it properly!

  • Ideal rep for her – exactly her Fach. Wish she’d leave the Wagner repertoire alone, and sing the music she excels in?!

          • Tell us again about the $14 dollar sandwiches? It’s your sole area of expertise.

          • You’re not answering. “Exactly her Fach”? You brought it up, so grandly. Educate us, please, big-comment candy man.

          • Norman, can you please arrange a duel à la Eugene Onegin, where one of these two leaves the stage?

          • The thing is, Jaybuyer, commenter Eddie Mars goes on just about every SD thread these days and routinely argues with others and puts people down. Do a search. Here he is with an oh-so-firm pronouncement about a singer’s voice (always a complex matter) and a role that remains the subject of much musical-historical debate. So I think it’s fair to ask for substance. You will notice that there isn’t any.

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