A great pianist’s house is falling to pieces

Gina Bachauer died in August 1976, on her way to give a concert with Antal  Dorati beneath the Acropolis in Athens.

She left her house in the suburb of Halandri to the Athens Conservatory, to be developed as an education centre for young Greek musicians.

Here is what has become of it.
gina bachauer

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  • A rainy Sunday here and now a blog post to match — depressing and without point or reason to hope. How very helpful.

  • How sad if this is the case………….! Gina was the most generous person imaginable and her desire to help young artists (as I know only too well – having her to thank for almost my entire musical eduction and much more!!) was always there, in the forefront of her thoughts! She would be devastated to know of this neglect! How sad, also, to hear that building of the Athens Conservatory is still incomplete……….

    • No one, perhaps, is better placed to attest to this than Ms. Fisher, one of England’s finest and inexplicably unsung pianists. I’m sure today, in current usage, Gina would be called your ‘mentor’, and how fortunate you were.

      It rather infuriates me that no trouble was taken to investigate or consider the possible fate of the house. One thought does occur. Gina fed all the area’s stray cats, and neighbours continued this after her very sad death. Do they still? I wonder. One possibility would please Gina, I think — to turn the property into a shelter for stray animals. If no link can be maintained with her glorious musicianship, it can with something else that lay close to her huge heart.

  • We come into this world with nothing and we leave with nothing, that’s the stark reality of life, so best to make the most of it whilst we’re here. Her playing will be remembered whatever about the house falling down and the sadness of it all as being someone’s home at one point. But unless people were going to club together, which no doubt they wouldn’t, then it was inevitable. Suddenly what was a home is then a house and then it’s uncared for.

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