Rising piano star is a Mussolini refugee

It turns out that Luca Buratto, 22, winner of the Honens piano competition, belongs to a family that fled Italy over Mussolini’s racial laws.

His great-grandfather found refuge in Brazil but lost his promising career as a composer.

Stephen Cera has the story here.

luca buratto

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  • Will this pianist end up with a permanent spinal condition…one despairs over the posture of some keyboard players and what the results might be 20, 30 years down the road. One wonders if teachers even think of this and take steps to warn their students.

    • Considering that this “rising piano star is a Mussolini refugee” (who’s aged most gracefully), I think we should make some allowances for less than perfect posture.

  • The vanishing cervical vertebrae trick. Not only unhealthy but excruciating to watch and completely unnecessary. Look at Barenboim, Lugansky, Argerich and many others who show that the piano can be played with a relaxed and natural posture.

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