Bonn ends its music director standoff

Players in the Beethoven Orchestra of Bonn voted 98-2 in favour of Jun Märkl as their next music director, only to be overruled by a committee of three, including Nike Wagner, who chose Marc Piollet. 

Both sides stepped back and let in Christoph Prick for an interim season.

Now they have agreed on a mutually acceptable, quite promising candidate. Bonn’s next music director will be Dirk Kaftan, 45, presently at Graz Opera.

Dirk Kaftan

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  • Ahhhh, Democracy……

    Another reason why this artform needs an update, or a place in ghe museum. Oh wait…its already there

  • Two votes for Piollet? so many?!
    The Bonn opera is worth a yearly visit for the rarity, this year it’s Reznicek’s Holofernes.

    • Not only for the rarity…the new Intendant has managed to put together a varied and interesting season with very good quality (and without “Euro-Trash”), despite recurring budget cuts from the city government!

  • In the US, the gentleman is known as Christoph Perick. No doubt he didn’t want to be seen as a walking metaphor.

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