Watch: A Swedish conductor is Volvo’s new brand leader

The auto manufacturer has filmed its new campaign around the inner contemplations of conductor Marie Rosenmir as she drives to work.

Marie, 42, won the Swedish conductor’s prize in 2006. She works in the Inversion collective of six women conductors and composer. She is about to get more media exposure than any woman conductor alive. This is a b-i-g motor industry campaign.

marie rosenmir
Photo: Jan-Olav Wedin

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  • You would think that an imaginative concert programmer would have already booked her and Barbara Hannigan as a double singing/conducting bill!

    • While I don’t know much about Mrs Rosenmir and I often find myself wondering what on earth goes on in the brain (or lack thereof) of advertising agents, I will say that the V40 is a rather nice hatchback to drive.

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