Maestro buys €1.2m coal house so he can play piano at 1a.m.

Maestro buys €1.2m coal house so he can play piano at 1a.m.


norman lebrecht

January 31, 2016

The Wall Street Journal covers real estate in … Helsinki.

hannu lintu

From the article: … an upscale apartment building in Helsinki, Finland, was likely used in the past to shelter horses and store coal.

But Finnish conductor Hannu Lintu and his partner, business-school professor Pekka Mattila, saw the spot as a luxury refuge. They paid €1.2 million, or about $1.3 million, for the space…

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  • Robert Hairgrove says:

    Power to them … it is next to impossible to find any kind of house, or even larger-than-efficiency apartment, like that in the city of Zurich for that kind of money. I’m really very jealous!

  • V.Lind says:

    Another one with a paywall.

    • E Power Biggs says:

      Turn off your modem/router then turn it back on again. That will change your IP address and the WSJ should let you view one article before the paywall goes back up.

      • V.Lind says:

        It’s three storeys down. I am not going to do three sets of stairs every time a paywalled article is linked. If it is not restricted at the SD end, they must have a subscription. Probably also do to Haaretz. All I ask is to be advised if a piece is paywalled before bothering to try links in vain, and NL has already said that in general he does not post paywalled articles (true enough). If he is not restricted from the WSJ, then he was not to know.

        But thanks for the idea. I did not know pulling out the router for a moment would change my ISP address. (Nor why).

  • RW2013 says:


  • TruthDetector says:

    I love the Grinch! Good for him!