David Garrett invites you to his luxury New York apartment

The things you can get by playing the violin… Limitless vanity accessories and hospitality for 100.

Watch video here.


Apparently the place is up for sale. $4 million should clinch it.

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  • Good for him. With a violin! Not with selling guns to dictators, or stealing other’s people money on wall street, or charging people in need an arm and a leg with your lawyer fees, just because you can.

    It’s only sad, that not more artists can enjoy such material luxury, but only the upper 1%.
    Nobody will remember a Wall Street investment thief 20 years after his death, but many artists will be remembered for decades or centuries, their creations even longer.

    • Right, everybody on Wall Street is a thief. Lawyers should just work for free, never mind the years they spent in school and in training as hard-working and stressed junior associates to get to there they are. Financial reward for a job well done is immoral. Losers are the new winners.

      Btw, the leading classical musicians in NYC (e.g. Itzhak Perlman, Joshua Bell etc.) own much better real estate than this. Chelsea is a good neighborhood, kinda trendy, but there are better ones.

      • Save your barking, Who are you talking to? Most of investment banking is legalized organized crime, yes. They create nothing. It’s a casino, and the gullible plebs are paying for it. Too many lawyers are highway robbers, yes. Just two professions, who arguably have all the wrong uncentives, to cultivate greed instead of being creative and productive for the bigger whole.
        Many many professions have studied long and hard, so what?

        • Unlike you, I am not a dog, so I don’t bark. You are lucky this conversation is in cyberspace – if you addressed me like this face-to-face, you’d have trouble speaking afterwards. Actually, people who are creative (inventors, entrepreneurs etc.) make more money than everyone else. Investment banking allows companies to raise money for their business, to compete, to hire others – all that is necessary for a normal free-market economy. Lawyers are robbers? Don’t hire one, represent yourself – you’ll have a fool for a client. All this whining usually comes from people who have neither talents nor drive for financial success. There is nothing more pathetic than envy (or envy-based economy a/k/a socialism).

          • Well, it seems I triggered a sensitive spot in you.
            Circular fallacies in the dozen. You have made your bed.

            Envy? More like pity. Anger too at times, about the waste and lost opportunities for man to raise from his monkey self. (sorry monkeys)

            And, no, you are wrong about that too. If you look really carefully, it’s not the inventors who make money with inventions. It’s the owners of the intellectual properties. Now some inventors could protect them, good for them. But too often they can’t.

            At the end of the day, all these parasites will go the way all earthly things go. What will remain will be the creations of the creators, not the shameful records of thieves, highway men and mafia gang members, no matter how sophisticated and legally covered their codified language, their wardrobe and their tools of the trade are.

          • And to just make sure: I do not say all bankers or lawyers are crooks. Far from it. We have a need for good professionals of both denominations. But there are too many crooks, and their effect of them on future generations also going into the field for the wrong incentives is an exponential function.

          • You sound like somebody who hasn’t made a penny is his life. You really remind me of these smelly Occupy Wall Street apes who congregated near my office. Financial gain (what losers like you call “greed”) is a perfectly normal incentive for a career, unless one is a fool or a saint. So you keep your “pity”, I’d keep the dough. I hope it doesn’t get too drafty on the moral high ground.
            P.S. Only a fool cannot get a patent in the US. Usually this is the fool who doesn’t consult a “greedy” IP lawyer.

          • Oyweh, more circular self referential fallacies, to justify the own wasted existence, of course. You react in a stereotypical way for the type. Like the self protective circular fallacy that anyone who is critical of your ways is because he just envies you. Sad.

            I’m not sure you are right about the financial gain incentive by itself being normal. Making money, having an income, is surely the biggest single incentive to have a professional career, but for what purpose? Where you and I split paths, is that for me money is a tool, a commodity to utilize trade, not an idol I worship.

            Types like you should be dropped in the middle of the ocean in a small rubber boat and a suitcase full of paper money, to experience how far their self sufficient greatness combined with paper money actually takes them.

            But time will tell, the parasites can’t live off their host forever, the host will die at some point, and with it the parasites.

          • So many words, so little sense – just plain old-fashioned jealousy. Can you just say that you are a loser with a very modest bank account and end your sermon? And now back to your pathetic little -middle-class existence – don’t forget the weekly coupons 😉

          • I’m pretty sure I have much more than you ever will have my fellow homo sapiens. We will have to leave it at that. You still have some time before the worms eat you or your ashes fertilize the ground.

          • [In my most soothing voice] Yes, baby, you keep telling yourself that. You are successful. And handsome. And so wonderful in every way.

            Later, loser.

          • Peter, you darling baby, please don’t cry. We love you. And that’s the difference between us and your parents …

          • I love you too Mark, my little rascal. That was just a bad dream. Here is your blue pill, everything will be great.

          • A blue pill ? I am way too young for Viagra. So you keep it. If you want to make me happy, send over some cognac and a cigar. And then a blonde or two. Ah, all the great things money can buy ! 😉

  • If an apartment of this quality and size can be bought for $4 million in New York these days, it is probably located in one of the city’s worst neighborhoods.

    • It’s in Chelsea, which is in Manhattan, south of the Garment District, east side. Not a bad neighborhood at all, if you don’t mind mingling with Google and Food Network employees.

        • I have no idea, as I know nothing about the real estate market in NYC or what the asking price for such an apartment in that neighbourhood should be.
          In an interview he claimed to have bought it for $3.25mio in 2011 and is selling it now for a listed asking price of $4mio, because he has another residence in Berlin and spends up to 340 days of the year away from (either?) home.

  • Brain amputated reporter chick: “Danke für die Einladung!”
    DG: “Kein Problem!”
    Frantic mouse click on stop button.
    ‘Super Sociopaths TV’ is not my cup of tea.

    • although his obsessive-compulsive wiping the kitchen stainless steel bench (but not against the grain) was worth it…

        • Well I think one can say with certainty that he didn’t purposely slip and fall down a flight of stairs, crushing the violin as a result.
          While the loss of a fine instrument is always sad, be it an old or a modern one, the loss was completely his. “I crushed my £1m violin”, a violin he had paid off 2 weeks before and had played for several years.

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