Wedding bells: Maestro marries TV presenter in ‘secret ceremony’

Hearts a-flutter, we congratulate Pablo Heras-Casado, principal conductor of New York’s Orchestra of St Luke’s, on his marriage to Anne Igartiburu, the popular Spanish-Basque TV presenter.


heras-casado and anne


The pair had a very discreet civil ceremony yesterday, only to see it splashed this morning in Spanish media.

For Pablo, 38, this is first time with a ring on his finger.

Anne, 46, has been married before to the dancer Igor Yebra. She has two adopted daughters.

We wish them every happiness.

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  • Well, with a name like Casado he had to eventually… Sorry, I couldn’t resist. But at least my comment isn’t as silly as the previous one. ¡Enhorabuena to both!

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