New clarinet in the Vienna Philharmonic

In addition to its fifth woman player this month, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra on Friday elected a new second clarinet.

He is Gregor Hinterreiter, 27, from Linz. He has been playing in the Vienna State Opera stage orchestra since 2009.

Nothing in Vienna happens fast.


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  • But don’t forget that Hinterreiter was only appointed in 2009, under the pressure of SD and Mr Osborne, because he had dressed-up as a woman. And all those years he had to perform in woman’s gear, although he was exempted for the rehearsels. But from now onwards, he is allowed to play as himself, because the female gender quotum has gone-up considerably.

  • “Nothing in Vienna happens fast.”

    More childish Vienna-bashing…
    You’re getting predictable, Norman… Time to find a new routine…

    • How very simply and truthfully you have stated Mr. Lebrecht’s diatribes relating to the VPO! One could assume he has a template at the ready.

  • Norman, your mole in the orchestra should provide better information. Mr Hinterreiter has been a member of the VSO’s Stage Orchestra for the past few years. This is not the Vienna State Opera Orchestra. He won the audition for the VSOO in late November and, if everything happens the usual way, should become a member of the Vienna Philharmonic in 3 to 4 years.

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