Jordi Savall postpones Calais concert for lack of security

The Spanish conductor and his Hyperion XXI musicians have withdrawn from a planned December 17 concert at a Calais migrants camp because the local authorities could not offer sufficient security guarantees in the wake of the Paris terror attacks.

Jordi, who explains his reasons here, says he hopes to stage the concert at a later date in order to raise the spirits of the migrants who are trying to reach the UK.


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  • Disgusting. These are the ‘migrants’ desperate for asylum who are completely safe in France, which is not good enough for them. It is amazing they are given any sympathy at all. British people do not want them here.

      • Here is the problem: people like you genuinely believe that anyone who disagrees with you is a bigot and racist. I can assure you I do have compassion. What I struggle with is when this is taken advantage of. How can anyone justify these migrants in Calais? They are refusing to claim asylum in France because they want an even better life in Britain. Asylum is not supposed to be for these people.

        • “And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?”

          –Matthew 7:3-4 (King James version)

        • “I can assure you I do have compassion”

          Is this why every time you see the word “refugees” on slipped disc, you write something racist and bigoted

          BTW, do you even like music or are you just here to show your approval of Marine Le Pen’s ideas?

  • Holy crap. I would hope musicians on this forum could find the hope and humanity in the worlds woes in 2015 moving forward.

    You two are an embarrassment to all of us who have any compassion.
    There are no more unique problems to any one country. We live in a globally connected time. All the world’s problems are all of our problems,now.
    In the words of Bill and Ted “be good to each other”

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