Itzhak Perlman collects $1 million from Israel

The violinist has been awarded the Genesis Prize,  given annually to an individual who ‘achieved professional success, contributed to humanity and shown a strong commitment to Jewish causes and the state of Israel.’

Perlman said he was ‘humbled’ by the award. ‘I have always been very proud of my Jewish heritage, which has greatly influenced my music, my world view, and my work as an advocate for individuals whom society often leaves behind,’ he said in a statement.

itzhak perlman youtube

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  • Given the amount that Mr. and Mrs. Perlman give to various arts institutions and charities, I’m all too sure that the money will be going to great causes.

    • Well said. Looks like Perlman will indeed be giving the money all away.

      “Following the tradition established by the two previous Genesis Prize Laureates, Itzhak Perlman intends to direct the prize money to initiatives about which he is passionate, including improving access for individuals with disabilities and developing young musicians of rare and special talent. Further details of Perlman’s plans for directing the Genesis Prize award will be announced in February.”

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