How Shostakovich would have composed Merry Christmas

How Shostakovich would have composed Merry Christmas


norman lebrecht

December 24, 2015

A gift from the DSCH Journal. Listen here.




  • Eddie Mars says:

    Only the snare drum is missing ))

  • Hilary says:

    Sadly, smoking was fashionable in those days, and Shostakovich was a chain smoker. If it wasn’t for this habit we might have a 16th Symphony, or 3rd Piano concerto. It may have helped him relax though…

  • Cubs Fan says:

    Or, we might be able to know if Volkov’s Testament is factual.

  • Ppellay says:

    Well, here’s some echt-DSCH that does strike a seasonal note, however accidental. The words are from the Fool’s songs in King Lear. The tune’s oddly familiar, though………

  • Melanie Richards says:

    Who composed this?

  • CapnTom says:

    A complete charmer, and a wonderful gift for any Shostakovich devotee. Thanks!