Final rites for Seoul Philharmonic

Final rites for Seoul Philharmonic


norman lebrecht

December 30, 2015

Myung Whun Chung conducted his last concert today after ten years as music director.

The future of the orchestra is shrouded in gloom.

The former CEO, sacked for brutal harassment, has called on staff and the Chung family to cooperate with the police inquiry. She appears to have bought the allegiance of local media.

Here’s the final post-concert selfie of the Chung era.

chung seouls selfie


  • Federico says:

    A pitty!

  • Nick says:

    A disaster! The destruction of a very fine orchestra by a pathetic, vengeful woman who has not the faintest clue what music is about.

  • Mathieu says:

    Not a selfie.

  • Note from Korea says:

    A video of the last bit of the last concert. A sad day for Seoul Phil and Korea’s music world…

  • debussyste says:

    Poor Mister Chung …