Diva gets heavy tax penalty

A Spanish court has come down hard on Montserrat Caballe, ordering her to pay 254,000 Euros for tax evasion. The court ruled that Montsy, 82, tried to dodge the tax by claiming she lived in Andorra when people plainly saw her in Barcelona.

She also got hit with a 72,000 Euro interest charge, not to mention lawyers’s fees.


And she received a six-month suspended jail sentence.

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  • Why do people earning buckets of money do this sort of thing? It’s good to see someone get caught for the big scam occasionally.

  • Oh for heaven’s sake.. For a great artist who exalted the Spanish country and the art of singing?…let her off the hook. Has anyone in the philistine group that os judging her, have any idea how much energy,time,dedication and chutzpah it takes to be a world class singer? For many years? Genius deserves a break!

  • She has elevated opera singing to the greatest heights as well as being an ambassador for Spain. Nobody can ever pay her for this not put her greatness into monetary terms. To have a singing talent like hers is maybe once in a century. She is UNIQUE. She has earned her place in posterity and has been an ambassador for Spain. I am sure this is all worth more than €300,000- odd. She should never have been taken to court and this case should never have come to court. So what if she was seen in Barcelona. Does this need to ever have been investigated? Her presence anywhere is a blessing.

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