New concertmaster in Detroit

New concertmaster in Detroit


norman lebrecht

November 25, 2015

Ee hear Eliot Heaton has won the Detroit Opera hot seat.

eliot heaton

He is presently He is the concertmaster of the Terre Haute Symphony Orchestra and the Indiana University Conductor’s Orchestra.


  • Ken J. says:

    Mr. Lebrecht, do you have the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and the Michigan Opera Theatre mixed up? As a Michigander, I am unaware of any “Detroit Opera,” except in informal usage. MOT is very much a regional company, with only 4 opera productions per year. I haven’t heard of why the MOT Concertmaster job would be considered a “hot seat;” the MOT does not generally make the news unless they have a show to promote.

    Michigan Opera Theatre has Nov. 19 auditions for a concertmaster vacancy listed on their web page. Looks like Mr. Heaton was selected by MOT after last week’s audition.

    According to November news reports and press releases, Yoonshin Song continues as the concertmaster of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, a post she has held for the last three years.

  • Andrew Constantine says:

    There is no “Detroit Opera”. That said, Eliot is a superb violinist and musician as well as being a great person!