Exclusive: Soprano is stabbed at the Met

Exclusive: Soprano is stabbed at the Met


norman lebrecht

November 13, 2015

The Russian soprano Olga Peretyatko Mariotti, singing Gilda, suffered a flesh wound on Tuesday night when she was accidentally stabbed by Sparafucile (Štefan Kocán) in a performance of Verdi’s Rigoletto.

olga mariotti

It doesn’t look too serious. They’re singing again tonight.

Maybe Olga should have an anti-tet shot.

Be careful out there.



  • Emil says:

    Exclusive: Scarpia murdered on Opera Stage.

    • Prewartreasure says:

      That’s nothing, Emil.

      I once saw a silly bloody woman on a horse ride, into a burning building.

      Attention seeking, or what?

  • Opera Fanatic says:

    The meat dagger is next.

  • Milka says:

    They’re singing it again to-night- alas

  • Christopher Stone says:

    Good thing they’re not performing Sweeney Todd.