Bass cancels opera dates to launch political career

The Georgian bass Paata Burchuladze has cleared his diary to run the Georgian Development Fund, which is expected to become a political party. He is also head of a charitable foundation, Iavnana.

‘I never thought of becoming an opera singer, but life brought it to me, or better to say, I was given a chance and I used it,’ he told journalists. ‘I never wanted to be a philanthropist, but life offered me the conditions to become one.’

Next step: government.


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  • Talent and honesty.

    Two qualities noticeably absent from Georgian politics over recent years. Perhaps they will bring success to Paata’s campaign?

    The most notorious of Georgia’s recent leaders felt so unbothered about Georgian citizenship that he traded it in for a Ukrainian passport and a job in Odessa….

  • A fantastic singer and person. He was a highly estimated member of the Stuttgart opera ensemble in the late 1990s. In bocca al lupo, Paata, for this big challange!

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