Watch: Orchestra re-enacts shower scene from Psycho

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra want to know if you can do this better….

Have they nothing better to do?


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  • Doesn’t look as though that bow is under tension as he’s applying the rosin.

    And if he isn’t going to dress for the part, what’s the point?

    Always nice to hear Bernard Hermann’s music, though.

  • … The filmmakers in that clip don’t seem to have quite nailed the crucial rhythm of Hitch’s famous rapid cuts just yet – the whole idea is all a bit bizarre in any case! But indeed, always very nice to hear Bernard Herrmann’s music again. And quite topical for some of us living “downunder” too, because the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra will be playing Herrmann’s scores live at special screenings of “Psycho” and “Vertigo” at two concerts in November next year, as part of the recently announced 2016 season – – could be good! 🙂

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