The wearable metronome gives gentle vibrations


Meet the Soundbrenner Pulse. It goes where you go. And gently vibrates.

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    • Just for the record: The metronome is an important tool when practising your instrument on your own. It keeps especially beginners from playing the hard bits more slowly, and it reminds you that, however impressive your phrasing/rubato/etc is, that somewhere in the band/ensemble/orchestra someone might play a note to which you have to respond and which you have to meet head on. (Pianists, take note 😉 Did you never had a metronome when you learned an instrument?
      I did find the incessant clicks (no matter is mechanic or electric) very annoying (not even mentioning parents/spouses forced to listen too), and this idea of feeling the pulse on your skin sounds fabulous.

  • Im pretty sure they can extend their current value proposition to other market segments where constant, rhythmical vivration devices are appreciated……

  • Interesting product. Peterson has a clip-on metronome that is completely programmable. Checking Soundbrenner’s website they state:

    “Make the experience of using a metronome enjoyable by eliminating the torturing click-sound; Develop a rock-solid inner sense of rhythm; Master the most difficult parts of your songs; Practice music more efficiently and improve quickly”

    Can’t any electronic metronome do this?

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