A leading Mahler scholar has died

A leading Mahler scholar has died


norman lebrecht

October 16, 2015

We regret to share news of the death of Zoltan Roman, a pioneer of Mahler scholarship in North America and a very kind and helpful colleague. He was 79.

A refugee from the 1956 Soviet invasion of Hungary, Zoltan fled to Canada, where he played oboe in the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra before taking up an academic career in Calgary. He supplied important information on Mahler’s Budapest period to Kurt Blaukopf and myself, but his major contribution was a documentary study of Mahler’s American years, 1907-11, a book full of indispensable insights. He also published a book on Mahler in his native Hungary.

Zoltan is survived by his wife Eva and her children Eva and Monica and grandchildren Alex, Nicole, Michael, Indigo and Levi, to whom we send our warm sympathies.





  • sly says:

    quite sad to hear.
    Sad also that his aforementioned book, “Mahler’s American years 1907-11”, is nowhere to be bought : It is for long out-of-print, and the publisher won’t care to republish it, even in digital form. One can only hope an ebook or pdf version to be available online at some point.