Lone Brit plays on in Chopin second round

Alexander Ullman (pictured) survived the first trial by a jury of past winners at the Chopin Competition in Warsaw. Here are the ones who got through to the second round:

List of the participants of the second round:
Ms Soo Jung Ann (South Korea)
Ms Miyako Arishima (Japan)
Mr Łukasz Piotr Byrdy (Poland)
Ms Michelle Candotti (Italy)
Mr Luigi Carroccia (Italy)
Ms Galina Chistiakova (Russia)
Mr Seong-Jin Cho (South Korea)
Ms Ivett Gyӧngyӧsi (Hungary)
Mr Chi Ho Han (South Korea)
Mr Olof Hansen (France)
Mr Zhi Chao Julian Jia (China)
Mr Aljoša Jurinić (Croatia)
Ms Su Yeon Kim (South Korea)
Ms Dinara Klinton (Ukraine)
Ms Aimi Kobayashi (Japan)
Mr Qi Kong (China)
Mr Marek Kozák (Czech Republic)
Mr Łukasz Krupiński (Poland)
Mr Krzysztof Książek (Poland)
Ms Rachel Naomi Kudo (United States)
Ms Kate Liu (United States)
Mr Eric Lu (United States)
Mr Łukasz Mikołajczyk (Poland)
Ms Alexia Mouza (Greece)
Ms Mayaka Nakagawa (Japan)
Mr Szymon Nehring (Poland)
Mr Piotr Nowak (Poland)
Ms Arisa Onoda (Japan)
Mr Georgijs Osokins (Latvia)
Mr Jinhyung Park (South Korea)
Mr Charles Richard-Hamelin (Canada)
Mr Dmitry Shishkin (Russia)
Ms Rina Sudo (Japan)
Mr Michał Szymanowski (Poland)
Mr Arseny Tarasevich-Nikolaev (Russia)
Mr Alexei Tartakovsky (United States)
Mr Alexander Ullman (United Kingdom)
Mr Chao Wang (China)
Mr Andrzej Wierciński (Poland)
Mr Zi Xu (China)
Mr Yike (Tony) Yang (Canada)
Mr Cheng Zhang (China)
Ms Annie Zhou (Canada)

 alexander ullman

Mr Byrdy, the Pole, drew the short straw to kick off round 2.


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  • Went to his graduation recital at Curtis a few years ago. He single (or double)-handedly made a Chopin convert out of me that night.

  • Ha! A list with prefixes so we know that “Qi” and “Zi” are males whereas “Su” and “Soo” are indeed ladies.

  • >