Huge relief: Missing orchestral cellist is found, alive and well

Huge relief: Missing orchestral cellist is found, alive and well


norman lebrecht

October 13, 2015

Steven Brubaker, a cellist in the Tucson Symphony, went missing more than four months ago. He disappeared without his car or his phone, leaving his beloved cat behind. His family were frantic with worry. An extensive police search yielded no clues.

Today, we can report that Steven is back home, safe and sound.

Here’s a message from his siblings.


steve brubaker

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

In late May we posted on Facebook and other media outlets that our brother Steven Brubaker, a cellist with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, was missing. Many of you have reached out to share your concerns, best wishes and prayers for Steven. We are touched by the outpouring of support that so many friends and colleagues have shared, and we are deeply grateful.

We are relieved and thankful to pass on the news that Steven has been found and that he is alive. Steven has spent the last few days with family, and is now seeking medical treatment that we hope will lead him back to a healthy and peaceful life.

Like many of you, we have questions about the circumstances that led to Steve’s sudden disappearance. It will take some time to process the information we have about his last few months.

We wanted to let you all know this good news, and to thank you for your concern for Steven and our family.

Catherine Brubaker
Marina Brubaker
David Brubaker
Carol Brubaker


  • Jevgeniy says:

    Dissociative fugue?

  • John & Sandy Edwards says:

    Thank God !!

  • Patricia dash says:

    Thank goodness. So happy to hear this great news.

  • ruben greenberg says:

    Wonderful news! Tucson is a dangerous place. I should know; I originally come from there. The Brubaker family has, for over half a century, played a very important part in the life of Classical music in that town. May Steven soon go back to doing his usual fine job with the Tucson Symphony.

  • Dave says:

    How is the cat?

  • Tom says:

    I heard the cat learned how to play the cello while Steven was “missing”