US orch mourns founding music director

US orch mourns founding music director


norman lebrecht

September 20, 2015

Reno has a chamber orchestra thanks to Vahe Khochayan, who formed it in 1974 and was music director until 2003 when he retired (and was succeeded by Theodor Kuchar, left).

vahe kohochayan

Vahe, who trained in 1950s Rome, died this weekend at an advanced age.


  • Doug says:

    Norman, you refer to “stagnation” in your very next post about UK orchestras that cannot act on hiring a music director. Well, in this case, Reno cannot act on hiring an executive director. They’ve reposted the vacancy a number of times and perfectly viable candidates, colleagues, have never been contacted after applying to the vacancy. To me, it is another case of an orchestra governing board fearing the task of taking on the search themselves, instead, hiring a headhunting firm, who again is frozen by politics and political correct behaviour into inaction.