‘The most fascinating pianist under 40’ – now on video

My album of the week on sinfinimusic.com is Daniil Trifonov’s new Rachmaninov release.

Read the review here. Watch exclusive video below, or here.


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  • “Most fascinating pianist under 40”??? Certainly he’s talented, but let’s not over-sell him. I suffered through his Tchaikovsky concerto at Carnegie Hall a few years ago – and there was nothing fascinating about his wishy-washy performance: He began with “pianissimo” chords at the opening, and then it went downhill from there.

    • Norman has a tendency to exaggerate, it’s true, but this Trifonov is a real musician and not merely a product of hype. If you heard him only in 2011 you should listen again and closely. He can project over an orchestra by now and has matured musically, as real musicians in their early twenties tend to do.

  • An interstellargalactic talent with a superhuman, stupendous-ous-ous technique and interpretative powers greater than the summation of all major piano competition winners globally of the last decade.

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