Thielemann gets a website (-ish)

Thielemann gets a website (-ish)


norman lebrecht

August 07, 2015

We’ve been told that someone in the music business offered to build a website for the German conductor Christian Thielemann, an artist of decidedly retro perspective.

Thielemann stared blankly at the man. ‘Why?’ he demanded. ‘Karajan never had one.’

This morning, the new regime at Salzburg’s Easter festival has launched a new website with Thielemann as its poster boy. Its self-promo: ‘It is contemporary in design, has a clear layout and is straightforward to navigate, so users will quickly find the information they’re looking for.’

You may think otherwise. We couldn’t possibly comment.


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  • Michel says:

    When I read Mr. Thielemann’s response to the person proposing that he might want to have a personal website, and he replies, “Why? Karajan never had one.” I once again realise and see why the classical music world has so many problems to adapt to our world and to gain acceptance. Apart from that, Mr. Thielemann’s response shows a form of ignorance and provincialism as well. Karajan may not have had a website, but Karajan was one of the most tech savvy individuals, who understood long before others the value and power of image and the filming of his concerts and opera productions. If Karajan would be alive today, he would, without the slightest doubt, have had one of the most innovative and pertinent websites. Sadly, Christian Thielemann’s, sees his work and himself as museum pieces, relics of the past. That is exactly what hurts classical music the most. The Berlin Philharmonic was extremely wise to have passed over this man, as irrespective of his musical talents, he would have had an extremely negative influence on the Berlin Philharmonic’s overall culture and place in the 21st century.

    • Savvy Savvy says:

      idiot presumptuous,it’s exactly the Berliner’s choice that shows instead musical sloppiness, provincialism, hypocrisy, arrogance, and the enslavement of music to politics. Think before talking : you’d better figure. Petrenko is not the better at all,not only in respect to Thielemann,but also in respect to other contendents. It’s a bad, STUPID choice. Let’s see…

  • Pianofortissimo says:

    Top orchestra, great conductor.

  • Herasmus Bedragon says:

    Karajan, the master of media, would have had 100 websites, although he never would have needed one. After all he was Karajan!

  • Michael W. Sullivan says:

    Hmm. Usual lack of Mahler thank god he didn’t get the Berlin job.

  • Erich says:

    It’s logical that the music director of t

  • Erich says:

    It’s logiical that the music director of the festival should be heavily featured as he already was on the site’s previous incarnation.

  • Catriona says:

    Bravo Thielemann! Conductors have never needed websites before, nor did Bach, Mozart, Brahms, Wagner etc.

  • Savvy Savvy says:

    what an idiot article : first,Thielemann is not retrospective,stupid. He also conducts contemporary music. second,THERE’S NOT IDENTITY between a conductor and the Festival where he is artistic director because he’s not responsible of all the choices. [redacted]

  • Savvy Savvy says:

    and I add,Norman Lebrecht : provided that Thielemann has REALLY said those words…
    and more : vain that you delete my complete comment about your pseudo-news…