The man who spotted the stolen Stradivarius

The man who spotted the stolen Stradivarius


norman lebrecht

August 07, 2015

Roman Totenberg’s missing Strad, unseen since it was stolen from his college office in 1980,  was recognised by a quiet Pittsburgh luthier when it was offered to him for sale.

‘Every day I get phone calls, emails about ‘Oh, I found the Stradivarius in the attic,’ and of course it normally turns out to be a fake, says Phillip Injean. ‘I’ve had probably over 100, 150 [genuine Strads] in my hands. So when I see a Stradivarius, I know it.’

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The man thought to have stolen the Strad was an orchestral violinist who was seen hanging suspiciously around Totenberg’s office. He is no longer alive. A stand partner tells us: ‘ I found him really annoying. He talked all the time and was a real know-all.’



All’s well that ends well.