Men only in Euro piano finals

Men only in Euro piano finals


norman lebrecht

August 03, 2015

The jury at thewell-endowed  international Paloma O’Shea piano competition have announced a homogenous set of finalists: all male, and all but one of them Asian. Here‘s the pack:

Jinhyung Park (Korea, 18) Juan Perez Floristán (Spain, 22), Kazuya Saito (Japan, 25), Akihiro Sakiya (Japan, 26), David Jae-Weon Huh (Korea, 28) and Jianing Kong (China, 29).



  • Scott Fields says:

    If the contest is for “well-endowed pianists,” wouldn’t you expect all of the finalists to be male?

  • John says:

    …also wasn’t the jury of this year’s Tchaikovsky Piano Competition all male?

    • All Keyed Up says:

      YES! Quite shamelessly, the Tchaikovsky competition piano jury was all-male. Equally shameless, their 1st prize was pre-determined for a Russian – who was clearly inferior to the American 2nd prize winner.

      • anon says:

        And which of the women do you think belonged in the finals? Mazo with her beaten-out Mozart? Kociuban with nervous memory slips in slow movements? This ain’t the Van Cliburn Competition where there are quotas, you know. Maybe the flashy Li would do better there also.

  • Dark Digler says:

    The guy in the video still appears to be the son of Rick Moranis. Maybe he will perform the theme of “Ghostbusters”.

  • CDH says:

    Could we for the love of God lay off on sex-tabulation?