Look who’s crashed Usain Bolt’s party

Look who’s crashed Usain Bolt’s party


norman lebrecht

August 24, 2015

lang lang usain bolt

Not even the fastest pianist that ever lived. Just the fastest to a media opportunity.


  • Brian says:

    Fast indeed. Bolt looks like he barely had time to dry off and catch his breath before Lang Lang arrived!

    • Donald Wright says:

      Not to worry. Doubtless Lang Lang provided him with a complimentary vial of “Amazing Lang Lang”–his self-created fragrance “FOR HIM.” I understand that it smells flashy and contains notes of desperation …

      • Patrick John Gordon Shaw says:

        Tacky, Sir, Tacky! Just because you are not a humble genius at the keyboard! Lang Lang’s Recital at the Edinburgh International Festival last week WAS magnificent. He was..IS..quite rightfully acclaimed for ALL his inspirational work!

  • CDH says:

    You are getting so predictable.

  • Dr Presume says:

    To be fair to Lang Lang, I don’t think he was “crashing” a media opportunity as he was actually in the stadium in an official capacity; there was a very strange bit with him banging away on a keyboard just before the 100m final! Though that moment did lead to a marvellously surreal exchange between the British commentators…

    Colin Jackson: “One of the best pianists in the world, there.” [sic]
    Steve Cram: “Yes, but what’s his name?”
    Colin Jackson: “Erm, I can’t pronounce it.”

  • CDH says:

    Is that Colin Jackson from Strictly Come Dancing?:D

  • Respect says:

    Not really understanding why Joyce di Donato isn’t critiCized for the same grasping at headlines….

    • CDH says:

      Lang Lang is Not Approved. Therefore he can do no right. When he does charity gigs, we see nothing of it here.

  • Alvaro says:

    Its perfect for a meme:

    “Most famous pianist in the world”…………Nobody in the media knows who the hell he is.

    Kind of describes the state of affairs in the industry, doesnt it?

    • V.Lind says:

      Music or media industry? The ignorance of broadcasters never ceases to amaze me. They obviously read NOTHING that precedes yesterday.

      Whereas Lang Lang is clearly familiar with athletics…:)

  • Minutewaltz says:

    Not sure why slipped disc is always so unpleasant about Lang Lang. As another poster pointed out, he wasn’t gatecrashing as he was at the competition anyway.
    The spectators were thrilled to see him – listen to the roar when he appears.