Claudio Abbado’s son cuts debut album

Claudio Abbado’s son cuts debut album


norman lebrecht

August 26, 2015

Misha Mullov-Abbado, son of Claudio Abbado and Viktoria Mullova, is a bassist, classical horn player, composer and all-round jazz musician.

misha mullov-abbado


His first release appears today, by chance on the same day his mother issues an outstanding account of the second Prokofiev concerto.

Mullova tweets: ‘By coincidence my son’s 1st CD is coming out on same day as mine, 28th Aug., Very cool jazz recording’.

Here’s a Misha track (full album link here).


  • May says:

    Snarky Puppy wannabes… Gimme Jacob Collier!

    • John says:

      Kind of snarky comment, wouldn’t you say?

    • Craig says:

      The fact you think this sounds like Snarky Puppy imitation says a lot about how much you know about jazz…

      Also, Jacob is the pianist on this disc.

      • May says:

        What I mean is, this track is more elevator music than jazz, and that I much rather have an album with JC as the front man and not window dressing. They are copying the smooth sound of Snarky Puppy and ignoring the amazing rhythmic complexity that goes on underneath the smooth surface. If this is to be considered jazz, then by the same extension, Yann Tiersen would also fall under the same label, which is of course, absurd!

  • x says:

    Jacob Collier is playing the piano on this

  • Alvaro says:

    Looks perfect for Universal or Sony. Actually it might be too good for classical. If you add a trombone, an Oboe, a viola, and someone screaming completely out of tune, it would be perfect for the artistic line of universal.