Agency moves: French oboe gets world management

Agency moves: French oboe gets world management


norman lebrecht

August 14, 2015

HarrisonParrott have been signing them wholesale this summer. First Thibaudet from IMG, then Perianes from ICA. Now they’ve got for François Leleux, an oboist who’s developing a career as conductor.

He’s married to another HP artist, Lisa Batiashvili.

leleux batiashvili


  • Sum Ting-Wong says:

    Reed all about it!

  • MacroV says:

    Francois Leleux is the best oboist I’ve ever heard. Would be a shame to see him lost to conducting. He should at least wait, like most conductors, until he can’t play anymore.

  • Itsjtime says:

    Conducting is the way to go for fame and mula. The oboe has the most pitiful solo repertoire outside of baroque music. Playing premieres of oboe and violin concertos is a niche market that they probably have exhausted… There is an adage from baseball that I believe works here
    : chicks dig the long ball…and conductor, too