Sad news: Death of a modernist soprano

In the brae new world of the 1960s, not many opera singers were prepared to risk their precious cords on Webern, Ligeti, Boulez and Busotti.

Liliana Poli, one of the bravest of the brave, died today in Florence, aged 81.

‘What Cathy Berberian was among mezzos, Liliana Poli was among sopranos,’ writes a colleague.

liliana poli

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  • Video 1: sounds from after the End of the World (as the visuals aptly demonstrate)

    Video 2: that’s how aliens celebrate mass at Pluto

    But what a beautiful voice Liliana Poli had.

  • Really a sad new. She was not only an excellent singer but also a very nice woman. I worked with her years ago in a Pierrot Lunaire and in a contemporary music concert with an orchestra. Rest in peace Liliana.

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