Not Lang Lang: Naked pianist launches Gucci scent

Lang Lang, we know, has his own perfume.

This is Gal Gadot, the new face of a rival cosmetic. She explains:



You’re brave playing the piano naked. What were you thinking during that scene? “Just sit tight! And don’t move too much so nothing will pop out. I used to the play piano, so I was playing notes, but I was also thinking so much about not turning or not moving this way or that. I really liked that scene because I thought it was so original, and it shows a woman playing this big, powerful instrument, liberated in her own skin, feeling comfortable, and celebrating her own femininity.”

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  • Actress/model plays piano for about two seconds in a Gucci advert. I’m not sure what that actually has to do with classical music.

    • Not the point. The point was another opportunity for Norman to slag Lang Lang. If Gabriela Montero or Valentina Lisistska had launched a scent, we would never have seen this.

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