Gulf of Mexico is getting a stunning concert hall

mexico hall 1

This is what’s going up at Veracruz, home of the Boca del Rio Philharmonic Orchestra.

Michel Rojkind is the architect and he hopes his design will be ‘an urban detonator capable of inciting modernity in the area.’

There will be two concert halls, of 850 and 150 seats. Ground has just been broken.

mexico hall2
photos courtesy Rojkind Arquitectos

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  • How high do sea levels need to rise before the lobby is wet? Oh well, I’m sure wiser and better paid minds thought of this…

  • “…capable of inciting modernity in the area.” Remarks of this sort, implying providing a heaping helping of progressive modernity is the value added purpose of a project, seems to be a recent trend among architects. When only a brief comment on a new building is offered by the architect this is what they choose to say. I can’t imagine this is well received.

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